Stand Off Mounts

A number of the products we manufacture use stainless steel stand off mounts as fixings. If you haven't used these sort of fixings before, don't worry they're not difficult when you get the hang of them.

They usually come in four parts, a screw, 2 washers and a body. To use you unscrew the body from the head being sure to keep the nylon washers (these help protect your product and help make the fixing tighter).

Please use the following instructions to help you use your stand off mounts to fix your product (these are for products for with two or more acrylic plates but work equally well for products with just one plate).


Drill Suitable fixings (e.g. M3 Pan Head Screws, Rawlplugs) Screwdiver


1. Check you have two acrylic plates (a clear top plate and a black bottom pate) and four stainless steel stand off mounts.

2. Use a pencil and the black bottom plate to mark where you need to drill mounting holes.

3. Drill  holes to the depth of your chosen fixing.

4. Unscrew the  stand off mounts and secure the bodies to your mounting holes using your chosen fixings.

5. Assemble the bottom and top plates using the stand off mount heads and screw in to the mounting bodies. Make sure you use the supplied nylon washers on either side of the plates as shown in red on the diagram.

6. Tighten the stand off heads to finger tightness only.

Stand Off Mounts How To